Red Lebanese Hash 31% CBD


Red Libanes is a naturally reddish brown, soft and creamy CBD hash originating from Lebanon. The unique red tone comes from the natural drying and curing process of the raw hemp plant. The growers leave the plants until they are almost ready, and during this process they get an incredible red hue from the light

This trichome cake contains the terpenes Pinene, Karyophyll and Myrcene which carry many benefits. Among other things, fantastic scents that are spicy together with fruity orange. Myrcene is also found in lemongrass where it has good health effects. Pinene is found naturally in parsley and basil, among other things. Caryophyll is found in black pepper where it offers a spicy aroma

Soft, sticky and creamy

• Hints of herbs and orange
• Grown indoors in the Netherlands
• Natural & GMO-free
• Organic & vegan
• 31% CBD / 0.2% THC
• Indica terpenes

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