Bubble Gum 23% CBD


Bubble Gum is well known for its large, soft, compact and bright green buds with natural red/orange pistils. Budsen offers a generous amount of terpenes, flavonoids and full-spectrum cannabinoids that envelop everyday life. One of many good choices with us that meet world-class standards. Like all our CBD buds, Bubble Gum is grown indoors in the Netherlands to achieve the best results

The Buds offer rich fragrances that evoke pleasurable, euphoric and relaxing feelings. One of the most dominant terpenes in Bubble Gum is Humulene, which also occurs naturally in cloves. The second main terpene is Caryophyllene, which gives black pepper its spicy aroma

Medium/Large. Compact, well moist with sticky crystals

• Hints of fruits & hubba-bubba
• Grown indoors in the Netherlands
• Natural & GMO-free
• Organic & vegan
• 21-23% CBD / 0.2% THC
• Hybrid terpenes

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